doreen adams
creative art mosaics ~ p a i n t i n g  w i t h  g l a s s
image is a small, one artist studio in the hills above Malibu overlooking the Pacific Ocean.  For the most part Doreen creates art to express and capture her love of nature, and a respect for all living things in an uncertain world. Flash Site


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The Mosaic of Art radio show explores the making and distribution of visual art by talking with artists, curators, webmasters, dealers, coaches, publishers, about their creative processes. We go into their studios, offices and galleries, but also into their minds, their memories, travels and stories. The show is for anyone who’s interested in learning how imagination is cultivated and fed and how it translates itself into tangible objects. We talk with creative people around the world who are involved with the plastic arts; we showcase their work – using the visual tools of the internet






Mosaic Yearbook4  2008 Edition
1365 Mosaics by 781 Artists from 45
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Mosaic Yearbook
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Cd Cover "Cheese Burger Mosaic" by Doreen Adams





Doreen Adams, 926 Hilldale Ave, West Hollywood, CA 90069
Tel: 424 777 0823